Nick Bare’s Net Worth 2023: A Closer look at Famous Fitness Empire

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Who is Nick Bare?

Nick Bare is a noteworthy individual with a diverse range of talents and experiences. He was born on August 1, 1990, in Texas, USA. Nick’s story is one of perseverance and achievement, and he has made a name for himself in various fields.

Nick is widely recognized as an American YouTuber, author, Instagram celebrity, and a former Platoon Leader in the United States Army. His life journey has been filled with significant milestones and accomplishments that have inspired many.

Nick Bare Family Background

Nick Bare’s family has played a significant role in his life. He was born on August 1, 1990, in Pennsylvania. His family includes his father Mike Bare, his mother Linda Bare, and his brother Preston Bare. Growing up, he had the love and support of his family.

Nick Bare Early Life

Let’s have a look into the early life of Nick Bare, the guy who became a successful entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.

Growing Up on a Farm

Nick Bare was born in 1990 in Texas, USA. He had a pretty unique childhood because he grew up in a family of dairy farmers. That means he spent his early days around cows and farms, learning the values of hard work and discipline.

Where Did Nick Bare Go to College?

After finishing high school, Nick went to a place called Indiana University in Pennsylvania. There, he was studying business, which is like learning how to run your own company someday.

Military Dreams

Nick also had big dreams about joining the military. He joined a program called the Army’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) while in college. But when he finished, the Army said, “Sorry, not this time,” because of a medical issue.

Bare Performance Nutrition

Instead of giving up, Nick decided to start his own business. In 2012, he created something called Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN). They make and sell stuff like vitamins and supplements that help people who love fitness.

At the beginning, things were pretty tough. Nick had to borrow $25,000 from a bank, and he was working from his super tiny apartment. At first, his business didn’t do so well.

Never Giving Up

But guess what? Nick is the kind of person who doesn’t quit when things get tough. He used what he learned in the military and his love for fitness to keep going.

Even when he was sent to South Korea for nine months, he didn’t stop working on his business. He took his camera with him and found some extra time. So, he focused on BPN, and guess what? His sales went from $2,000 a month to $10,000. That’s some serious determination!

What Does Nick Bare Do Now?

Today, Nick Bare is known as a successful entrepreneur, which is someone who starts and runs their own business. He’s also really into staying fit and healthy, and he loves sharing his experiences with others on social media, like YouTube and Instagram.

Nick Bare Net Worth

Nick Bare, the dedicated fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, has achieved remarkable financial success. His journey to prosperity began with the launch of his YouTube channel in 2014, which became the catalyst for the rapid growth of his company, Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN).

Nick’s unwavering commitment to fitness and nutrition translated into substantial revenue for BPN. In 2016, the brand generated approximately $300,000. This figure surged in the subsequent years, reaching nearly $1.7 million in the following year, around $3.2 million in 2018, and an impressive $22 million by 2020.

Alongside these business achievements, Nick Bare’s YouTube channel garnered over 500,000 subscribers, contributing significantly to his estimated net worth. As of 2023, Nick Bare’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $15 million.

Nick Bare Earning Sources

Nick Bare, a prominent fitness influencer and entrepreneur, has diversified his income streams, showcasing his ability to create a successful career through various avenues. Here, we will share his primary sources of income and his inspiring journey.

YouTube Success

Nick’s journey to financial success took off with his YouTube channel, established on April 11, 2012. On this platform, he shares invaluable workout routines, nutrition advice, and motivational content. His channel has grown substantially over the years, amassing over 895,000 subscribers and more than 125,000,000 views.

Through advertising revenue and sponsorships, Nick effectively monetizes his channel, generating a steady income stream. His most popular video, “My Morning Routine | Hybrid Athlete & CEO,” uploaded on March 7, 2021, has already garnered over 3,671,000 views. These YouTube views alone would be worth an estimated $29,368 from YouTube AdSense.

Nick Bare’s Entrepreneurship

In 2012, Nick Bare took his first bold step into entrepreneurship by founding Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN). His vision was clear: to provide fitness enthusiasts with top-notch supplements that met the highest standards of quality and transparency. What started as a small venture soon evolved into a recognized and trusted brand in the fitness industry.

BPN’s success can be attributed, in part, to Nick’s commitment to innovation. He introduced cutting-edge supplements like “Flight” and “Intra-Flight,” designed to enhance workout performance and recovery. These products quickly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts seeking effective and reliable nutritional support.

Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the world of supplements. He developed the “Embrace the Suck” training program, a 12-week regimen that reflects his unique training philosophy. This program encourages individuals to push their limits and embrace challenges, mirroring Nick’s own approach to life and business.

Additionally, Nick hosts the “Bare Performance Podcast,” where he shares his wisdom on topics ranging from fitness and entrepreneurship to personal development. This podcast not only expands his reach but also fosters connections with a diverse audience.

Social Media Presence

Nick Bare’s influence extends beyond YouTube, with a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. His substantial following enables him to generate additional income through sponsored posts and collaborations with brands and businesses.


Nick has authored several fitness and entrepreneurship books, further diversifying his income sources. Nick’s entrepreneurial journey has also led him to authorship. His book, “25 Hours a Day – Going One More To Get What You Want,” encapsulates the lessons he’s learned through his successes and setbacks, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nick Bare’s Relationship

Nick Bare’s personal life has been a subject of curiosity for many of his followers. As of the latest information available, Nick was in a relationship with YouTuber Stefany Banda, who hails from the United States. Their love story had its milestones that attracted attention.

Nick and Stefany got engaged in December 2018, and they shared their joy with their followers on social media. The announcement of their engagement was a moment of celebration for their fans. They had plans to tie the knot in late 2020, and the anticipation was high.

In October 2020, Nick and Stefany officially became husband and wife. Their wedding took place at Planterra Conservatory, which is located in Stefany’s home state of Michigan. Stefany, a Michigan State University graduate and a YouTuber herself, plays an active role in assisting Nick in running Bare Performance Nutrition, their joint endeavor.

The couple’s love story is said to have begun around 2017. They both share Midwest roots, with Stefany hailing from Michigan, and Nick having graduated from Michigan State University. Their paths crossed when they were in their mid-twenties and living in Nashville, Tennessee.

The engagement, which occurred in September 2018, was a memorable moment in their journey towards marriage. Stefany joyfully shared the news on her Instagram account, expressing her love and excitement for their future together.

Stefany’s educational background includes a Journalism Degree from Michigan State University. She has had professional experience as a social media manager at Rated Red and currently maintains a blog at

The couple’s family includes two doodles named Ryder and Remi, and they call Austin, Texas, their home. In July 2022, the Bares welcomed their first child, a daughter named Charli, into their lives.

Some Facts About Nick Bare

Here are some interesting facts about Nick Bare:

Iron Man Champion

 In November 2019, Nick achieved a significant athletic milestone by winning an “IronMan Competition” in Florida, Panama City. He completed the grueling race with an impressive total race time of 11 hours, 28 minutes, and 8 seconds.

Dedication to Push-Ups

Nick has been dedicated to doing 100 push-ups every day for the past decade. This daily commitment to fitness is a tradition he inherited from his father, who used to perform 100 push-ups in the morning while the family was having breakfast.

Teenage Struggles

Nick’s fitness journey wasn’t always smooth. As a teenager, he battled with an eating disorder, specifically anorexia. He struggled both mentally and physically, obsessing over eating less and exercising more.

Overcoming Anorexia

Nick’s journey towards recovery was a challenging one. He initially faced more mental struggles than physical ones. As he progressively restricted his food intake and over exercised, his health deteriorated.

Support and Recovery

Fortunately, Nick’s parents noticed the warning signs and took him to a doctor. It was then that he realized the harm he was causing to himself. With the support of his family and medical professionals, he embarked on a journey of recovery.

Transition to Health

As he regained his health, Nick transitioned to a healthier and happier lifestyle. His journey toward fitness started during his teenage years, and he never looked back. He adopted a balanced approach to nutrition and exercise.

Educational Pursuits

 Nick’s recovery process inspired him to pursue a degree in nutrition. This educational background played a pivotal role in his later endeavors in the fitness industry.


Beyond his achievements and personal journey, there are some interesting tidbits about Nick Bare. He mastered skills in videography, photography, and social media marketing to promote his company in its early stages. Nick also sports several tattoos, including one of his surname on his belly, the words “Go One More” on his wrist, and his surname on the back of his arm.


Born in 1990 in the United States, Nick Bare has carved a name for himself as a renowned Fitness Instructor. His YouTube channel boasts over 918K subscribers, while his Instagram followers exceed 883K.

In 2012, Nick assumed the roles of CEO and fitness instructor at Bare Performance Nutrition, all while serving as a Platoon Leader and First Lieutenant in the U.S. military. Though originally from Pennsylvania, he later relocated to Austin, Texas. Nick earned his Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013.

The bulk of his earnings, apart from YouTube advertising, stems from his immensely popular YouTube channel. As of 2023, Nick Bare’s net worth stands at an impressive $15 Million.

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